Water Treatment

Clean and waste water treatment in the UK is a highly regulated sector covering all companies that provide water and sewerage services – these regulations have been in place since the industry was privatised in 1989 to ensure that consumers receive high standards of service at a fair price.
In addition to this many private companies are required to treat water – either for use in their own processes or before discharging as waste.

As a manufacturer of many of the core products used in this sector, ICL is a major supplier to both regulated and non-regulated customers – products are typically used for disinfection, coagulation, flocculation and pH adjustment.

Our core product range is detailed below but please contact us if you are looking for a product that isn’t listed

ICL Product Range

Aluminium Chloride
Aluminium Sulphate
Ammonium Sulphate
Battery Acid
Caustic Soda
Calcium Hypochlorite
Citric Acid
Ferric Chloride
Ferric Sulphate
Ferrous Chloride
Ferrous Sulphate

Hydrochloric Acid
Hexafluorosilicic Acid
Hydrogen Peroxide
Monosodium Phosphate
Phosphoric Acid
Polyaluminium Chloride
Potassium Hydroxide
Potassium Permanganate
Soda Ash
Sodium Bisulphite

Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chlorite
Sodium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate
Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Metabisulphite
Sodium Silicate
Sodium Thiosulphate
Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Sulphuric Acid