Cleaning & Detergents

The Soap and Detergent Manufacturing industry is a dynamic one, characterised by strong product innovation as manufacturers compete to retain consumer interest. The UK market is estimated to be over £1 billion – this has been relatively stable over recent years with the market trends being a move toward “greener” products and the rationalisation of existing brands.

ICL manufacture and distribute a wide range of products to customers ranging from blue-chip companies to smaller, independent manufacturers. Our chemicals are used in various products including: Industrial cleaning, automotive, laundry & textile care, household cleaning and CIP (cleaning in place).

Our core product range is detailed below but please contact us if you are looking for a product that isn’t listed

ICL Product Range

Battery Acid
Caustic Potash
Caustic Soda
Hydrochloric Acid

Potassium Hydroxide
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Hydroxide