Sodium Silicate

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up to 28 tonnes

Sodium Silicate is a colourless, odourless liquid. The various grades of sodium silicate are characterised by their SiO2:Na2O weight ratio – lower ratios are classified as alkaline whereas higher ratios are neutral.

Product Information

Sodium Silicate has a wide range of applications across a variety of industries – examples below:

  • Cleaning – used in detergents for humidification, emulsification and sequestering
  • Construction – used in drilling fluids to stabilize borehole wells. Also used to in concrete for water-resistance
  • Paper – used in adhesives for cementing cardboard
  • Water treatment – removal of suspended solids/ coagulant
Strengths & Grades
  • Available at various ratios from 1.6 to 3.3
  • Product available to meet BS EN 1209:2003 – Treatment of Water for Human Consumption
Storage & Supply

ICL manufacture Sodium Silicate at our site in Grays, Essex
ICL have long-term agreements in place with UK and European producers
We have significant storage at our production site in Grays, with additional storage at other UK sites.

Technical Information
  • Formula
  • CAS
  • UN
    3266 (only for grades with ratio of <1.65)
  • Commodity
  • Synonyms
    Liquid Glass, Waterglass
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