Sodium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate

Packaging Options

up to 28 tonnes

Sodium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate is a clear, colourless, slightly acid liquid which is soluble in water at all concentrations.

Product Information

The main use of Sodium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate is in water treatment, where it is used for prevention of plumbosolvency. The addition of phosphate at the water treatment works creates a lead-phosphate coating on the inside of lead pipes – this acts as a protective coating and prevents lead from leaching into the water supply.

Strengths & Grades
  • Typically supplied as a solution at 32% NaH2PO4
  • Dilutions available from 32% down to 1%
  • Product available to meet BS EN 1198:2005 – Treatment of Water for Human Consumption
  • Can also be supplied as a powder (technical grade) if required
Storage & Supply

ICL manufacture SDHO at our site in Widnes, Cheshire.
We have significant storage at our production site in Widnes, with additional storage at other UK sites.

Technical Information
  • Formula
  • CAS
  • UN
  • Commodity
  • Synonyms
    Sodium Phosphate Monobasic, Monosodium Phosphate, Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate, Sodium Acid Phosphate, Sodium Biphosphate
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