Caustic Soda

Packaging Options

up to 28 tonnes

Caustic Soda is a colourless, clear to slightly turbid liquid. It is also available as a solid, typically in the form of pearls or prills. In all forms, Caustic Soda is highly corrosive and reactive.

Product Information

Caustic Soda has a wide range of applications across a variety of industries – examples below:

  • Aerospace – metal treatment, also used for pH control
  • Agriculture – pH control, also used for effluent treatment
  • Cleaning – degreasing and pH control
  • Food & Beverage – cleaning in place (CIP), pH control
  • Metal Treatment – anodising and electroplating, pH control & effluent treatment
  • Pharmaceutical – production of intermediates, pH control (water/ effluent treatment)
  • Paper – raising pH during pulping process
  • Power – regeneration of ion exchange resins
  • Raw material/ intermediate in chemical manufacture
  • Soap making – saponification
  • Water Treatment – pH control
Strengths & Grades
  • Solution stored at 50%
  • Dilutions available from 50% down to 1%
  • Solution – available to meet BS EN 896: 2012 – Treatment of Water for Human Consumption, Commission Regulation (EU) No.231/2012 (E524), and the current Food Chemicals Codex
  • Solid (pearl) – technical grade stored in 25kg bags at distribution sites in West Thurrock and Selby
Storage & Supply

ICL manufacture Caustic Soda using membrane cell technology at our site in West Thurrock, Essex
We have considerable storage at our sea-fed tank in West Thurrock.
We have significant storage at other UK sites to support our packaging and manufacturing operations.

Technical Information
  • Formula
  • CAS
  • UN
    1824 (solution) 1823 (solid)
  • Commodity
  • Synonyms
    Sodium Hydroxide, Caustic Soda Liquor, Caustic Soda Pearl, Lye,
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