Ferric Sulphate

Packaging Options

up to 28 tonnes

Ferric Sulphate is a corrosive, acidic solution. It is a brown-yellow liquid that is soluble in water at all concentrations.

Product Information

Ferric Sulphate has a wide range of applications across a variety of industries – examples below:

  • Water treatment
  • Removal of suspended solids & phosphorous
  • Flocculation agent
  • Biogas – used for bonding of Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Raw material in production of pigments and other iron compounds
Strengths & Grades
  • Standard strength is typically 12.5% as Fe3+ (40-45% as Fe2(SO4)3)
  • Dilutions may be possible on request
  • Product available to meet BS EN 890:2012 – Treatment of Water for Human Consumption
Storage & Supply

ICL manufacture Ferric Sulphate at three sites in the UK: Newcastle, Widnes and West Thurrock
ICL is the largest manufacturer of Ferric Sulphate in the UK
We have significant storage at our production sites in Newcastle, Widnes and West Thurrock, with additional storage at other UK sites.

Technical Information
  • Formula
  • CAS
  • UN
  • Commodity
  • Synonyms
    Iron (iii) Sulphate, Iron Sulphate
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