Packed Chemicals

Our Packed Chemicals operations is a relatively new addition to our business. In response to a number of requests from our bulk customers, we established our Packed Chemicals business in 2010.

Packed Chemicals

Although supplying many of the same industries as the Bulk Chemicals business initially, the, addition of Packed Chemicals business has allowed us to diversify our offering both in our existing product range but also into new products in a number of additional sectors.

Our Packed Chemical operations are strategically located across two sites within the UK, enabling us to provide our customers with a quick, efficient service and the best possible value for money.

West Thurrock

Located in Essex, close to the M25 and Dartford crossing, West Thurrock operates as our Packed Chemical Division, Southern hub.

West Thurrock is our largest bulk chemical manufacturing site; having our Packed Chemicals Division located on the same site offers significant benefits in terms of logistics and storage.

The site has bulk storage for our core products as well as dedicated warehousing for dry goods.

Here we produce Caustic Soda, Ferric Sulphate, Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite.


Located in North Yorkshire with excellent transport links, Selby operates as our Packed Chemical Division, Northern hub.

As well as Packed Chemicals, we also carry out a number of manufacturing processes on site including spray-drying, chemical blending, Sulphuric Acid storage and dilution.

Selby site has bulk storage for our core products as well as dedicated warehousing for dry goods.

Our Selby site also has FEMAS accreditation for manufacture and supply of a range of animal feed products.

Packaging Types

We are able to offer a wide variety of packaging options. Liquid deliveries can range from 1000lt down to as little as 5lt. Similarly, powder deliveries can be supplied in bags from 1000kg down to as little as 10kg.

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

Our standard IBC is a composite (steel/HDPE) type as is widely used across the chemical sector. We can also offer heavy-duty or stainless steel IBCs if specifically required. All IBCs have a working capacity of 1000 litre (1m3) but can be filled to a smaller volume if needed.

A fork-lift truck will be required to unload the IBCs. It is also possible that this type of container is emptied under gravity or using a customer’s pump whilst it remains on the delivery vehicle.

Pressure Bin (pump-over)

A pressure bin is usually a 1000 litre container that is capable of being pressurised so the chemical is transferred from it into the customer’s storage tank.

Although the capacity of these containers is 1000 litre it is possible to fill the container will a smaller quantity – so a pump-over delivery of as little as 500lt is possible if required.

The pressure bin remains on the delivery vehicle at all times and is returned to site empty once delivery has been made.


Often referred to as 45-gallon drums, these are usually filled to 200 litres and supplied in quantities of 4 drums per pallet. Either plastic (HDPE) or steel drums will be used depending on the nature of the chemical being supplied.

As with IBCs, a fork-lift will usually be required to unload drums.


This is a generic term referring to containers with a capacity of 25 litres or less. Clear (natural) containers are used for the majority of products, however different colour options are sometimes used for specific products (e.g. Sodium Hypochlorite would usually be supplied in black containers).

  • 25lt       usually 32 per pallet (2 layers of 16)
  • 20lt       usually 32 per pallet (2 layers of 16)
  • 10lt       usually 50 per pallet (2 layers of 25)
  • 5lt usually 80 per pallet (2 layers of 40)

Whilst a fork-lift is preferred it may be possible to unload using a tail-lift and pallet truck if needed.


Most powdered products are supplied in 25kg bags as standard and packed on pallets. Some products are also available in smaller bags of 10-15kg in order to help with manual handling. Larger bags of up to 1000kg are also offered for certain chemicals to allow the material to be easily dispensed into a tank or hopper.

Contact your dedicated account manager, so we can fully understand your challenges and ensure our solution is effectively tailored in order to fit your chemical needs.