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Spray Drying

Industrial Chemicals has a variety of spray dryers for your spray drying needs with a range of sizes and evaporative capacities. All dryers are manufactured from stainless steel and allow disk atomisation or high pressure spray nozzles for flexibility of drying requirements.

Industrial Chemicals spray dryers are available with dust filtration or wet scrubbing and dust explodable products can be handled under ATEX directives, drying emulsions or solutions.

Contact us for your contract, tolling or complete material supply. Industrial Chemicals can manufacture feed solutions under IPPC or process supplied solutions in a range of packaging sizes to bulk container supply.

In the case of new materials or projects, Industrial Chemicals has laboratory and pilot scale dryers for R&D purposes with evaporate capacities from 5kg/hr. Full scale units to >1000kg/hr.

For other drying applications a variety of capabilities are available from spin flash, fluid bed, rotary louver, vacuum and more. Please contact us to discuss your specific application.