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Leisure Product Range


Sodium Hypochlorite
Chlorine Granules
Chlorine Tablets (Large & Small)
Multifunctional Granules
Multifunctional Tablets
Multifunctional Pool Buoy
Calcium Hypochlorite (Shock) Granules
Calcium Hypochlorite (Shock) Tablets
Non-Chlorine Shock Granules
Bromine Tablets

Commercial Range

Hydrochloric Acid
Polyaluminium Chlorine (PAC) – liquid floc
Aluminium Sulphate – granular floc
Sodium Bisulphate (pH Reducer)
Sodium Carbonate (pH Increaser)
Sodium Bicarbonate (TA Increaser)
Sodium Thiosulphate (Chlorine Reducer)
Cyanauric Acid (Chlorine Stabiliser)
Calcium Chloride (Water Hardener)
Non-Chlorine Shock
Salt – Granular/ PDV/ Tablet/ Rock
Filter Sand
Glass Filter Media (Grades 1 or 3)

Water Balance

pH Reducer
pH Increaser
TA Increaser
Water Hardener
Chlorine Stabiliser
Chlorine Reducer

Clarifiers & Flocculents

Granular Flocculent
Filter Floc Tablets
Gel Cubes


Standard Algaecide
Start-up Long-life Algaecide (Copper)
Start-up Long-life Algaecide (Copper-free)
Winter Extra Long-life Algaecide (Copper)
Winter Long-life Algaecide (Copper-free)

Water Testing

DPD No1 – Rapid/ Comparator/ Photometer
DPD No3 – Rapid/ Comparator/ Photometer
Phenol Red – Rapid/ Comparator/ Photometer
Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness
Cyanauric Acid
Test Strips – 3-in-1/ 5-in-1
Test Kits

Spa Range

Supplied in small 1kg or 1lt packs
Chlorine Granules
Chlorine Tablets (Large & Small)
Multifunctional Tablets
Bromine Tablets
Non-Chlorine Shock Granules
pH Reducer
pH Increaser
TA Increaser
Water Hardener
No Foam
No Scale
Cartridge Cleaner


Sauna Milk Fragrance (Eucalyptus)
Tile Liner & Cleaner
Roller Cover Cleaner
Hard Surface Cleaner

Should you have a requirement for any product not listed above please ask; our range is continually growing and our strong links with domestic and international suppliers allow us to source most products competitively.