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ICGL takes the possible effects of its operations on the environment very seriously. We have an environmental management system (EMS) in place that is approved by the Environment Agency and which covers all of our sites.

All of our UK sites have PPC Permits and our Grays site has a Multi-Purpose Protocol that enables us to respond to requests for new products or toll manufacturing opportunities in days rather than months.

Under the old Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) regulations the only processes carried out by the Company that were considered of sufficient significance to require "Authorisation" were the ferric sulphate process at our Widnes site and the aluminium chloride/polyaluminium chloride process carried out at our Grays site (which was classed as "trivial" as far as the pollution risk was concerned). However, with the advent of the "catch-all" Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) regulations (The Pollution Prevention and Control (England and Wales) Regulations 2000 - Statutory Instrument 2000 No 1973) many more of our processes became regulated for the first time (our West Thurrock site was granted one of the first PPC Permits to be issued).

Site Overviews

  • Hebburn, Tyne and Wear
    This site has attained ISO 14001 status.  At the moment, is a single product site that produces aluminium sulphate solutions for a number of uses of which the main one is the treatment of potable water. This site is classed as Low Impact for PPC purposes (total emissions less than 1% of the total long-term environmental assessment levels (EAL) for air (for the protection of human health).
  • Widnes, Cheshire
    This site has attained ISO 14001 status.  At this time, this is a two product site producing ferric sulphate solutions for the treatment of potable water and sodium dihydrogen orthophosphate solution used to prevent lead dissolving from pipes into potable water. The ferric sulphate process has a full PPC Permit whereas the phosphate process is classed as Low Impact.
  • West Thurrock, Thurrock (Unitary Authority)
    This is a rather more complex site where both regulated and non-regulated processes are carried out. It is a very large site with spare capacity and its own jetty on the Thames. At this time we produce detergent raw materials and additives on site and carry out some toll manufacturing. Products from this site are exported all over the world.
  • Grays, Thurrock (Unitary Authority)
    This is a highly complex site where both regulated and non-regulated processes are carried out. Aluminium chloride, polyaluminium chloride and aluminium sulphate solutions are produced for use in the manufacture of paper products and pharmaceuticals and for the treatment of both potable and waste waters. Various grades of sodium silicate are produced for use in the recycling of paper, potable water treatment and as a raw material in the production of Zeolite 4A which is used as the environmentally friendly alternative to phosphates in detergents (the use of phosphates in detergents is prohibited in many European countries). Sodium aluminate solutions are produced for a number of uses, including zeolite production. We are the biggest European producer of Zeolite 4A which, together with other products from this site, is exported to many European destinations. There are a significant number of non-regulated and toll-manufacturing processes carried out on this site.
  • Louisiana, USA
    This site is registered with, and regulated by the Federal Environment Protection Agency (EPA).