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About Us

Our company has been operating for approximately 40 years and has had a wealth of growth during this period. From humble beginnings the company was founded in the early 1970's with just one vehicle.

In 1976 ICL moved to our Titan Works in Grays in Essex, UK. From here ICL began to run Its transport business, together with a Hydrochloric Acid pickling plant, de-rusting wheels for Ford Motor Company. Our business developed and we entered the chemical distribution markets.

Since these early years Industrial Chemicals Ltd has diversified its operations and now operates and maintains five manufacturing sites in the U.K. and one in Louisiana, USA.

Today the Industrial Chemicals Group employs over 300 people and handles in excess of one million tones of materials per annum, with sales of over 300,000 tones of finished materials. We operate 15-20 chemical manufacturing plants and supply our products to the detergent, paper, water treatment and chemical industries on a global basis.